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SciScope’s goal is to spread Science displaying its beauty by microscope photography.

Promote your Science and your Lab amongst other scientists and science lovers.

We encourage scientists to share their images. Openly. Share beautiful images that might (or not) have scientific relevance but are appealing to the eye and useful to communicate basic scientific concepts. When you upload an image, it is required a short text of what is shown in the image. Write the text avoiding technical wording but with highly understandable and artistic content. Finally, it is important to credit with a link to the institution where it was made.

Rate beautiful scientific images

At SciScope, scientific images are enlightened, displayed by our community and enjoyed by everybody. You can visit our gallery. You can vote up or down images, so users contribute to acknowledge to best images and explanatory text.

Microscope Photography Competitions

We want to promote the interaction between art and science. That’s why we organise competitions on microscope photography.

SciScope is a platform to discover Science from an artistic view. We want to make Science appealing, and understandable. We use the art of science to connect people. Here scientists are keen to share their work, spread their science, open windows to the microscopic world to every science lover.

About SciScope

We are an online community to serve as meeting point to discover science through art. Sciscope allows you to share, display, enjoy, learn and vote scientific images. To make it even more appealing, at Sciscope we organise microscope photography contests.

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